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Presentation of MeInPictures

by Michael Staudinger, MSc

Posted on 2016-02-16 19:24:43

In the fifth semester I and my colleague Antonia Haslinger did a project for the subject Generative Arts.

We did a programm which handles real-time-webcam-input and generates a mosaic of it. So soon you can view yourself as a bunch of fruits or some parts of the nature.

There isn't really a use for that but it's maybe fun for some of you.

If and when this is released is unknown, but the more excitement is shown, the more effort I will bring into this software.

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Started development of a new game

by Michael Staudinger, MSc

Posted on 2015-04-02 14:43:16

Beside the small 2D-prototype which will be created in the 4th term in university, there will be an own project where I want to use my new skills.

I will leak little information for now:

  • Name of the game: Spource
  • Programming language: Java
  • Used libraries: libGDX, Controller-Management, ...
  • Type: 2D-Space-Shooter
  • First release: 4th quarter 2015 (Closed Pre-Alpha)

Upcoming information you will find continuously here on

The concept is set up but how this project will evolve is written in the stars.

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