Michael Staudinger, BSc

Welcome to my archive of my works, activities and much more.

Prototype HoloLens-application for Synthetic 737

I made a prototype of a plane-information-application for the HoloLens for the guys of Synthetic 737.

The next two months it can be tested at their place. After that there will be a better version and even more applications for them in development.

Augmented Reality Programming HoloLens Application Flight Plane

Presented Prof. Thompson -- our first SteamVR-game

Today we presented Prof. Thompson -- our first SteamVR-game -- at the University of Applied Sciences. We feel like the audience really likes the game as far as we can tell as well from our playtests that we did.

We will hopefully make a trailer/teaser and an own subpage here for it soon, which you will find here on this page.

Another cool thing is that if we find a good hurdle we can further work on Prof. Thompson in our second term and maybe release it one day as a complete game.

Until this day come you can check out footage soon on the said subpage.

Virtual Reality Programming SteamVR HTC Vive Unity Gaming Project Studying Master

Hot phase for Prof. ___ and creative impact

No worries. The SteamVR-game is still in progress and is now in the hot phase. Two weeks to go then Prof. ___ (still untitled) will be presented in the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg.

I promised some secret data:

  • It's an asynchronous game
  • One player in front of a screen, the other one in VR
  • It's a puzzle-ish game
  • It requires team-work
  • It is made with Unity 5
  • We work as a team of 3 people

Enough with that, we will do a presentation here as well, so stay tuned.

Additionally my mind just gave me a huuuuuge impact for another game-idea, which I will start in my spare-time in February, so stay tuned for that as well.

Virtual Reality Programming Announcement SteamVR HTC Vive Unity Gaming Project Studying Master

Developing a SteamVR-game

As some of you already heard I am doing now my master studies in Interactive Media. As well as in my bachelor studies there are some projects to do.

The first one will actually be the development and programming of a SteamVR game.

I can't say much more right now, but stay tuned. All information will be found here.

Virtual Reality Programming SteamVR HTC Vive Unity Gaming Project Studying Master

Graduated BSc

Proud to announce that I finished my bachelor studies in Media Technology and Design and from this day on I am Michael Staudinger, BSc.

But this isn't the end because tomorrow my master studies Interactive Media begins.

Presentation of MeInPictures

In the fifth semester I and my colleague Antonia Haslinger did a project for the subject Generative Arts.

We did a programm which handles real-time-webcam-input and generates a mosaic of it. So soon you can view yourself as a bunch of fruits or some parts of the nature.

There isn't really a use for that but it's maybe fun for some of you.

If and when this is released is unknown, but the more excitement is shown, the more effort I will bring into this software.



Wow. Never thought that so many people would ever find this little spot in the web. That some of you are pretty interested in my work is even better.

Thank you all for visiting and sharing!

There will be much stuff in the near future to see for you, i.e. a huge stop-motion-animation-project including nearly 50 students, some post-production-stuff and a new web-project.

Beside that I will start streaming again soon, so gamer-friends: Be aware!

Spource-development stopped - too much work

Work to do for EJPO,
new project s'App for the fifth semester,
work for my bachelors is in need
and the fifth semester is starting soon.

This is just a little overview what I have to do in next time, so sadly I have to stop the development on Spource for some time.

I made a working "template" for it, but it is far away from becoming a game.

I am sorry about that and you will be informed here when there is time to continue.

Programming 2D Announcement Controller Development Game Java libGDX Programming Spource

Short Film "Zebras"

In the 4th term of study media technology and design we did a short film which was recorded in one day and edited afterwards till the end of the term.

I'm not the full owner of this material, I'm just a part of it.

==--- Cut / Editing ---==
Antonia Haslinger, Michael Staudinger (me)

==--- Film Crew ---==
Christian Enengl, Philip Rauter, Izet Toromanovic, Sebastian Schmid, Florian Peinsold, Melanie Falkinger, David Weichselbaum, Matthias Patscheider

==--- Special thanks to ---==
University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Max Zauner, Dinko Draganovic, Roland Keil, Lukas Kronsteiner, Christoph Schaufler

Film Film Studying Editing Cut


We are now at 1000 views on my website. That's amazing. Thank you all for sharing. There will come more and more work to see for you.

Xbox360-Controller-Manager for libGDX released

My framework for managing multiple (or a single) Xbox360-Controller in libGDX for Java is done.

You can use it for free. I would love to be mentioned in your credits, if you tell your friends, family, etc. of me and my work or just contact me and tell me if this worked for you.

I tested it with two wired controllers, so I do not exactly know if it works with wireless controllers.

Be sure you create a libGDX-project with the project-creator of the libGDX-creators and add the "Controllers"-AddOn.

Afterwards you can just add the whole "at"-directory to projectDirectory/src/.

Here you can find the whole documentation of my framework
and here you can download the framework for free.

Programming Controller Framework Java libGDX Xbox360

Started development of a new game

Beside the small 2D-prototype which will be created in the 4th term in university, there will be an own project where I want to use my new skills.

I will leak little information for now:

  • Name of the game: Spource
  • Programming language: Java
  • Used libraries: libGDX, Controller-Management, ...
  • Type: 2D-Space-Shooter
  • First release: 4th quarter 2015 (Closed Pre-Alpha)

Upcoming information you will find continuously here on www.michael-staudinger.at.

The concept is set up but how this project will evolve is written in the stars.

Programming 2D Announcement Controller Development Game Java libGDX Programming Spource

Finished my first 3D-model

After around 40 hours of work I finished my first 3D-model: Sandy/Sandman from the film "Rise of the Guardians"

There are still some issues in the grid/texture, but I am okay with that.

3D-Modelling 3D Modelling Studying Texture

Website of EJPO released

For a project in university Antonia Haslinger (@Noni_x33) and I re-designed the website of the "European Jazz and Pop Orchestra" (short: EJPO).

After several months of designing and developing (there are many functions for the managers of the workshops too) we are basically done and released it today.

Website of the European Jazz and Pop Orchestra
Web-Development Development EJPO Music Orchestra Web

Assisted at Music Film "Tatort Andorf"

I helped Antonia Haslinger (@Noni_x33) out a little when she did a short film fitting to the music played by the European Jazz and Pop Orchestra.

Film Film Music Tatort Orchestra EJPO

First game released: Tacaflatsis

As a work at university Antonia Haslinger (@Noni_x33) and I made a little 2D-Jump'n'Run using Construct2.

After some months of getting an idea for gameplay, developing design and programming the game is released today.

Download the game for Windows

Programming 2D Construct2 Design Developing Game Programming Studying